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Trip mines

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Last Sunday, I was lying in a ditch waiting for the enemy to come. I was watching our teams flank and I was there to hold up any enemy attack trying to flank our team. While I was waiting there I was thinking to myself, wouldn't it be useful to have a trip mine down the way they would come come if they were to attack.

Since then I have been thinking alot about how to get a trip mine. However I am not sure on how to go about it. There are several things I have to consider:
» one is that I dont have the budget to go out and buy an airsoft claymore or mine. That means it will have to be cheap so it will probably be a DIY job.
» two is that the sites I play at dont allow grenades or mines to be filled with BBs so it needs to be something that makes a loud noise.
»three is that it needs to be small enough to be easy enough to carry.

Hoping to hear your thoughts and ideas. Is the requirements too much to ask for or is it possible.

Happy posting.
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I've done exactly what solarisjock was talking about, just use old AEG/LPEG/pistol springs, 1.5inch PVC pipe, a few nails to act as a stopper for the spring, 2 screws in the top as a stopper for the PVC end cap I used as the washer that held the bb's for launching, and make a nail as the trigger, just tied off to a string on a tree across the path. These aren't the strongest, but you can also use the crappiest bb's ever with no issues, because you're just giving the target a little shower of bb's. Simply lube the nail that acts as the trigger up a bit to help ease it out of the hole (that sounds bad) where it keeps the end cap compressed. to load these I jst used a piece of .5 inch CPVC pipe about 8 inches long to compress the end cap and springs, then placed the nail in the (for lack of a better term) trigger hole, then tied the whole thing off between 2 trees. I had the trip mine itself screwed on to a tree using 90 degree mounting brackets and had the string set using those screws that look like question marks (eyelets or something like that) so that when the trap was trigger, the string would be pulled in such a manner that the trap's muzzle would be pointed right where the string owuld be tripped. Kinda hard to explain, actually.

Here's a short video. I don't have the trap anymore though, someone removed it from the tree I had it set to sometime in the last 2 months. Not the greatest video, but you'll get the gist.

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