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TSD M700

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I am hoping I can get some opinions on this. My friend has recently came into sniping because of me but this is the only gun he will be able to get for a while. It will most likely be about 4 or 5 months before he will be able to get anything else. He plans on getting the gun and upgrading it with money that he earns from cutting grass. My question is how easy is this gun to upgrade and is this a good decision?
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I believe it is a clone of the vsr-10 series rifles. This means there are a ton of upgrades for it. The tsd m700 is a nice cheap platform and can be slowly upgraded over time if necessary. Check out airsoft atlanta for some upgrade parts in the future.
Yes indeed. That should all work just fine.
The only way you are going to be able to use an aeg barrel is if you get the aero chamber. This allows the use of aeg barrels, buckings etc. Not only is this hop up more reliable than a stock one, but allows the use of the cheaper, more available aeg cut barrels.

So if you want to use the ak tightbore length, get the aero chamber (check out airsoft atlanta) and get an aeg bucking too.

Aero chamber:


AEG barrels:
I would go ahead and go with the aero chamber and aeg barrel. Reason being, eventually you will have the desire for a more solid hop up that has a greater potential. Then that means you will have to buy another barrel (aeg one) and that leaves your custom barrel useless because it only works with the stock one. Total will probably cost around $130 dollars or less (depends what barrel you choose) and it will be worth every penny.
Yes, just make sure to get the compatible piston (the orange one) since I believe the red one has had some issues with the degrees of the sears. Not sure, but I would just go with the orange one to avoid any problems. Here is the link: Also, it can be sold as sort of a package deal with the trigger unit.
If you want check out my link to my thread. Towards the bottom of the page there is a four part upgrade process. It includes the order of what to upgrade first and last. However, it applies to specific parts for the l96, make sure you get the parts for the vsr. But overall, it is the same concept. With that said, do not upgrade the spring until all the necessary upgrades are purchased first. Link:

Brief summary for the vsr-10 upgrade process

First upgrade purchase
-Aero Chamber
-Aeg bucking
-Aeg tightbore barrel
-Homemade barrel spaces (electric tape wrapped around the barrel to desired length)
-heavy weight bbs (I love madbulls) Note: do not use cheap bbs; you will only regret it

Second Upgrade Purchases
- Cylinder head
-spring guide
-Piston and piston head
-Cylinder (optional)
-Optional: Piston sear/trigger sear/spring guide stopper
note: at this point, an upgraded spring is optional

Third Upgrade purchases
-Cylinder (if not yet purchased)
-Zero trigger (optional and only needed if sears were not purchased)
-Spring upgrade

Fourth Upgrade Purchases (externals) Not all necessary, but looks good ;)
-bolt handle
-flash hider/supressor
-flash hider adapter

Other recommendations: Clean your bbs
Here is how:

Do it yourself mods are good. Type "vsr-10 do it yourself mods" on google. There will be a ton of information for you.
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Personally, I have never had any experience with the tsd bbs and do not know how reliable they are. However, I have heard .27g bioval are good but I use madbull .4gs. I also use madbulls .28 and .36g bbs. Never had a problem with them and they are good for the price.

Shooting the m700 stock, I would itleast use some .27g bbs if not heavier.

Edit: Just realized I have had experience with tsd bbs. They are pretty good and the .28g bbs should suit your stock rifle well. No jams or miss feeds occurred when using them, and none broke on impact. Just remember to give them a washing and you should be good to go.
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