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TSD M700

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I am hoping I can get some opinions on this. My friend has recently came into sniping because of me but this is the only gun he will be able to get for a while. It will most likely be about 4 or 5 months before he will be able to get anything else. He plans on getting the gun and upgrading it with money that he earns from cutting grass. My question is how easy is this gun to upgrade and is this a good decision?
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Ok, so if it is a vsr-10 clone it should take the same kind of hop up, barrel, spring, spring guide upgrades correct?
Ok thanks, I was just wondering because everyone seems to be building all these high preformance rifles from all the best or most common rifles. so my friend and I planned on trying to build a good solid setup from one of these rifles. Once it is ordered and we start upgrading it I will post some pics.

P.S. I am sorry for posting this thread in the wrong rifle section, sorry mods.
Alright then, I have a question for someone with you expertise. The Tsd M700 has a 460mm inner barrel, which is longer than the standard vsr-10. I was wondering if it would be possible to put in an AEG ak tightbore barrel since the ak inner barrel length is 455mm?
Would it be cheaper to jut buy a custom inner barrel for the rifle? If so where can I order one at?
Alright sounds good. Also since the tsd m700 is a vsr clone, would a zero trigger work in this gun?
Alright, I wont be buying a new trigger just yet so I have some time to wait for it to get back into stock. As far as all these upgrades, which ones do you suggest I do first? Also, since this is my first time tampering with my rifle, is there any specific steps I should take so that I don't break my rifle?
Ok, thanks...and is tsd a good company to buy bbs from?
That is good to know since we only have one maybe 2 airsoft stores around where I live and most the fields I go to sell TSD bbs.
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