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Hey, I'm pretty new to the snipering part of airsoft.
I've recently become more and more interested in sniping ever since I got to use one in a game a month or so back. I managed to get 2 kills out of 8 people.

I felt pretty good after that day, I was using a TSD M700, was shooting with .28's.

I like the look and feel of the gun, and the performance felt pretty good.
( i cant really say due to my lacking experience in sniping. )

Anyways, I want to get started in sniping, and I want to know if i should buy a TSD M700.
Will i be able to upgrade it?
If so which upgrades should i be getting?
New tightbore/bucking?

I also saw on ASGI that the AGM MP-001 is able to upgraded with the newish airsoft gi pe sniper upgrades for the VSR/BAR10.

Would either the TSD M700 or the AGM MP-001 be worthy of purchase?
I would save up for a VSR-10 but my money is short, and i recently lost my job, so I don't see to much coming in from time to time.

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Based on what I know...which is not nearly as much as some of the other members here...

The UTG L96 Shadow Ops is considered to be one of the better clone sniper rifles if you don't plan to do upgrades. However, I also hear a fairly high number of reports that this gun has a relatively unstable hopup, and this can drastically affect your accuracy over the long run.

The JG BAR10 is the best cheap sniper rifle to buy, as it can be upgraded with all VSR10 parts. However, it will not be quite as field-ready out of the box. However, since many snipers will replace every single internal part of their guns, the JG may be a good base to go for while you get parts...

If you are new to using sniper rifles, you should really start learning how to determine distances quickly and accurately. An upgraded rifle like many of us use is likely capable of doing some harm to a person at close ranges, including knocking out or chipping teeth, penetrating skin, and possibly even breaking smaller bones in fingers. I'm sure all of us follow minimum engagement distances, likely at least 50-100 feet. Use common sense, don't aim at faces unless you are forced to, and be safe with whatever gun you get.

I'll refrain from getting into a discussion about airsoft sniping vs counterstrike...

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My suggestion would be to save your money on the bolty at the moment.. It has been my experience that trying to fill the sniper role with a crappy bolty is about the most frustrating thing a player can do. So i always tell everyone interested in doing this role to first buy a DMR style rifle. you will always need a back up any way.

Buy an M14 or comparable DMR style AEG and practice two things...
Field Craft (Stalking, Camouflage, ect..)

You can get a cheap set up for this... and save for a decent bolty..

example of set up....
Cyma CM032 M14 = $125
Tightbore Barrel
JBU 6.03mm = $30
Hop Up Bucking
Element 45% = $6.75
Madbull Fishbone = $10
Firefly V-shape Hard or Soft = $21

Obviously you wont need all three hop-ups but as you can see there is quite a range in price get extras to have on hand and to find the one that works best for your system. as you can see you could have a simple DMR up for under $200 and be out playing and perfecting your skills instead of just dreaming about how great of a sniper you will be.

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Okay so i edited this post because i sound arrogant, and I couldn't handle that i posted that.

I appreciate the setup you've shown me Mojo but, I would prefer to have a bolt action, I've been using a M4, Prometheus inner barrel, and Guarder bucking, which i can get around 160ish + feet range, accuracy is a little less. I've been practicing field craft with it, but, the gun is terribly loud, and I am easily given away by the noise.

Basically, this is what i want to know.
If i save up for a decent bolt action, what should i been going for?
CA M24? TM VSR-10? (please no L96's)

And Mojo, can you make me a set up with either the VSR or the CA M24?

I saw you made one for a CA M24 but it was difficult to follow,
I've been trying to make a Bar-10 setup for a little while but, I'm not totally sure what I'm doing, I'll post what i have so far in a second.

/ninja edit

This is what I added, and what I've read works well, and is cheaper than most.
I don't know how i feel about Airsoft Gi's PE parts but, they are slightly cheaper.


Airsoft GI PE Reinforced Piston for VSR10 / Bar10 Series

Airsoft GI PE M170 Spring for VSR10 / Bar10 Series

Airsoft GI PE Reinforced Piston Sear for VSR10 / Bar10 Series

Airsoft GI PE Reinforced Spring Guide with Bearings for VSR10 / Bar10 Series

Airsoft GI PE Reinforced Trigger Sear for VSR10 / Bar10 Series

Laylax PSS10 VSR10 430mm Precision Barrel
(I would rather buy a Prometheus but I hear Laylax is Promo in secret.)

Firefly VSR-10 Hop Up Bucking (Soft)

The total for this would barely be $300, I love that price to be honest.

Does this look okay? or Would i be better off trying to get the actual Laylax parts?

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These guys have really posted some great options here, but I think the most important thing to do is wait (and save your money). I would research the various options, and see which best suits you and your budget. Just remember, whatever you get "stock".. your going to end up upgrading. I would strongly recommend looking other sites (i.e. eBay, and craigslist); buy one from someone who's already upgraded

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ok well....

I suppose how I would build a VSR/BAR 10 System might be a little different than some.. but here is what I would suggest.

I run an M24 and this is how I have set it up...

Total for full build = $410

CA M24 = $219

EDGI Custom TB Barrel = $ 70 >>> 510mm X 6.01mm

APS Advnaced Cylinder Kit = $100

Prometheus Hop Up Bucking (Hard) = $15


For a VSR series I would do the following...

Total for full build = $ 600

JG Bar 10 = $100

EDGI Custom TB Barrel = $ 70 >>> 430mm X 6.01mm

NOOBIE's M-Trigger = $ 110

Laylax Teflon Cylinder = $110

Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Damper Cylinder Head = $25

Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Piston = $63

Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Spring Guide = $27

Laylax PSS10 170sp Spring = $22

NineBall Hop Up Bucking = $20

Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Hop Up Chamber = $65

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Sorry to do this to you again, Mojo.

But does this look okay?
I decided you were right(your are more experienced than be anyways), I should keep perfecting myself, and a m14 would probably be the best way to go. But, in stead of your setup, do you think this would be good?

Cyma CM032 M14 (OD) = $125

Madbull Version 2 650mm length 6.03mm = $35

Guarder = $6.75

Suppressor (to cover long barrel) = $45
( choose that suppressor because it doesn't add to much barrel, and it covers up some, and it gives a cool look)

Cyma M14 scope mount = $15

The total is about $225.

The only think I'm worried about is if that suppress will cover the barrel, it says 170mm but I'm not sure if that's the whole thing or just the front.

Do you think that will work well, and can someone confirm that that barrel and suppressor will work out?

This is a hefty price for myself but, I figure this could be a great start for a good DMR for myself.

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hey, not a problem...

Your set up only has one flaw...

the M14 barrel is the tricky part.. the Hop Up for an M14 is cut differently than a standard AEG (as Shown in Image) so you will need to do one of two things.

1. BUY a barrel specifically cut for an M14 ... or ... 2. Customize an AEG Barrel.

if you choose option #1...
most pre-made M14 barrels come in 500mm length
The outer barrel of an M14 will house a 550mm.
If you want to use a silencer to cover up the extra to use a 650mm
the silencer will need to be long enough to cover the difference.

AirSoft GI offers the following...

JBU M14 6.03mm X 500mm = $30 (I think it's a rebranded MadBull... not positive)

Prometheus M14 6.03mm X 500mm = $66 (Some say the best barrel made)

IF you get the EDGI you can have it custom made to any Interior Diameter and length.. for $70 - $90
(It's the best thing you can spend money on... I am very impressed with their quality)
and if you do this option get the 6.03mm X 550mm with an M14 HopUP CUT
For an AEG 6.03mm is probably as tight as you want to go.

the M14 is one of the quietest weapon systems even without a silencer.

Now if you try to customize a standard AEG barrel as in Option #2..
Please understand that this is very tricky. and you may end up having to buy multiple barrels to get the cut right..
I do NOT recommend this option unless you have precision metal working skills.. and proper tools.

to let you know i own several M14s.. 3 TMs, 2 Karts, 1 Cyma, 1 Aftermath Socom.
I have bought some of the Clones to raid parts for the TMs.

my BAD ASS looks like this
Its a TM gearbox in a Kart JAE outer body with an EDGI Custom Inner Barrel

I would have used an actual Image of it but it was in pieces to show you the difference in hop up cuts. I will try and update later.

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I think I will go with the Prometheus, I have one in my M4 and enjoy it a lot.

Wow, that is bad ass beyond words.

This is actually what I am looking to make mine look like..

Is the Cyma M14 you have really quiet?
I'm sick of my M4's loud clank noise.

Also, for internals later on, since i want to have a rough plan, I was thinking with going with a Systema Silent Head set but, I'm unsure which will work with an M14.
There is two, one for version 2 gearbox and another for version 3.
Would either of them work?

Is there any other internal upgrades i should think about doing?

I also plan to remove full-auto.

Also, what size battery can i fit in the stock of that M14?
Possibly a 8.4v 4200mAh NiMH Large Battery?

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Well Thank You...

THe E2 style stock you are looking at.. will also make a very handsome weapon system. That's the Guarder Body kit right?

The M14 is actually a V.7 Gearbox.
I have not opened mine in awhile. So I am not 100% sure about piston/cylinder diameters.
But mine is due for a good overhaul and spring upgrade.. So I will let you know over the next few days.

I use the 8.4v 4200mah NiMH in the JAE Stock
I use a 9.6v 3300mah NiMH in the EBR
I use an 8.4v 3300mah NiMH in the Old Woody
The standard M14 stock has an issue with the battery compartment, its very snug.. Its Door also needs to be modified to fit a battery through it.

As for Full-Auto I left mine intact. It has come in very handy when the SH*T has hit the fan and I needed to beat a hasty retreat.

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Actually this body kit is made by G&P

It's relatively expensive but, I don't plan on buying it for quite sometime so it really doesn't matter to much.

I will play with the stock battery for sometime, then I'll go to my local shop and see if i can order a battery similar that will fit well.

Maybe keeping the full-auto is a good idea, never really thought about how important it is in the first place.

Do you think the guarder bucking is the way to go, I'm really only going with it because thats whats in my M4, but thats not really made for distance etc.

I don't really understand the whole 45% on the one bucking you linked to me.
Can you explain that a little more for me?

Also, do you think i would be okay shooting .25's?
or should i step up to something a little heavier?

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I had to give the Hop Up Bucking question some thought. I am not sure what the 45% means..
I use a standard AEG barrel and hop up with my CA M24. I have tried....

Prometheus Purple (Soft)
Guarder Clear (Soft)
CA Stock
TM Stock
MadBull Red (Hard)
MadBull Blue (Soft)
FireFly Hard
FireFly Soft
Hard buckings are typically designed for upgraded guns shooting above 425 FPS
Soft buckings are designed for guns shooting up to 425 FPS

Now with that said... I have had my best luck with MadBull Red... here is the write up for MadBull... I am not saying they are the best... they just work the best in my set up. You may find for your area a softer hop up works better, I don't know... for me it was all trial and error.

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