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TSD Tactical SuperX-9

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So im glad i found this forum, because im looking to invest in a good, powerful, accurate sniper rifle and i need everyones educated opinion. What is a good sniper to get? i dont want any gas, and no l96! i have a vendetta against them.
But would this be a good buy?
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-1 Major Fail

How much research have you done?

Espically from that comment you need to go take a look around and do some of your own research. You still haven't read through the rules of the forum here yet. So that to me shows that you just want to get the answer and not do any of the work yourself.

While there are a lot of great guys on the forum... you should really learn to help yourself out first and then come to us for help. Because I know alot of guys on here wont bother to help you if you don't do any of your own.
If you would have read the rules you would have seen where it said to make an intro post and all of that stuff.

If you would have read the reviews not only here on this site, but from others as well. You would have seen that the bar10 is just as effective as a VSR10. And that FPS isn't everything in airsoft ;)

You would have seen just about every topic about the SuperX-9 is a complete and udder failure in everyones eyes.

There is still more research that should be done, it appears.
So with all of your knowledge with the M14, and all of the different brands that you have, you should know about the "salesmen talk" would you not?

And being in the AF you should know that nothing of quality on a weapon is made of plastic. If it is it is usually made of a polymer or something of the like.

Took me 5 min. to find those three. They all say the same thing.... Great out of box... after 10 shots rifle fell apart.
Start there and look around here for some of the mods.

Anything that can be done to the VSR-10 can be done to the Bar-10.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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