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TSD Tactical SuperX-9

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So im glad i found this forum, because im looking to invest in a good, powerful, accurate sniper rifle and i need everyones educated opinion. What is a good sniper to get? i dont want any gas, and no l96! i have a vendetta against them.
But would this be a good buy?
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I wouldn't want to buy it by just reading the Features section,

Real Steel Scope!, as far as I've done my research on scopes for airsoft, I've never seen a plastic scope or anything that won't be useable by any army.

Looks to me like a "good" salesman talk, selling the crappiest thing, which put's the most cash in their pockets.

If I were you, I'd look for something else.
But if your desperate to get it, pay the salesman, you'll probably see him in a fancy restaurant eating lobster or something, while you run around dodging BB's with your Real Steel Scope!

edit: ok, that sentence is messed up, but you get my point
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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