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TSD Tactical SuperX-9

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So im glad i found this forum, because im looking to invest in a good, powerful, accurate sniper rifle and i need everyones educated opinion. What is a good sniper to get? i dont want any gas, and no l96! i have a vendetta against them.
But would this be a good buy?
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so its basically the JG of snipers?
i dont understand, i read the rules. If what i said had any offense to you or anyone im sorry. But from my knowledge, JG is known for having good fps or rof (on AEGs) and have a shotty design. And that seems to be how evilfish described the rifle i posted.
I did do some research and i know that all the VSR, and BAR 10 varients have got lots of parts and upgrades, and seems to be a good gun, but the SuperX-9 had the high fps and shell ejection so it caught my eye.
alright alright i get it. Sheesh you guys are almost as bad as FA
And your right, i forgot to post an intro before my first post, but i fixed that problem and posted an intro before this one.
And your right i do need to do more research, But thats just because the slight bit of wisdom i have is in AEG's specifically M14s.
Also, about the whole "salesman talk" how should an unexperienced airsoft "sniper" like myself feel, when the "realistic, far shooting hard hitting" airsoft sniper with the salesman talk, looks more cosmetically pleasing to the eyes than the Bar-10?
And no, im another 10yo wanting to be a cool sniper, Im just an Airman looking for something durable that i can let my nephew use when im on leave.
well even though i got burned in the process, thanks for the info. I have had a change of heart and got my eyes on the (yes i know JG) Bar-10
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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