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TSD96 on budget upgrades

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Hello everyone, I'm here to give you a review of what all has been in my gun (TSD SD96) and how it has held up since I bought it awhile back.

First things first: no elitist garbage, such as, "Oh a TSD96 rebranded Well L96, that sucks major balls, I have a Maruzen L96 with all PDI upgrades and I'm a beastly sniper I can hit from 500ft away blah blah blah." I am 16 with a limited amount of money so this is what I have and it works like a charm
  • Stock Cylinder, Cylinder Head, Bolt Handle[/*:m:5957pmjp]
  • Angel Custom Cylinder Kit[/*:m:5957pmjp]
  • Airsoft GI Heat Treated Sear Set in Metal Trigger Box, Edgi 6.01mm barrel, stock hop up, stock barrel spacers (if you know how to place them, they get the job done.)[/*:m:5957pmjp]

The gun's range is up to 90 yards, just not very consistent (haven't tested out new TB yet)

More from this review later, and pics aswell.
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How do you like the Angel Custom parts? I've been looking at them and they look extremely similar to Laylax parts.
marpat96 said:
First things first: no elitist garbage, such as, "Oh a TSD96 rebranded Well L96, that sucks major balls, I have a Maruzen L96 with all PDI upgrades and I'm a beastly sniper I can hit from 500ft away blah blah blah.
You need to understand, most peoples rifles are full PDI/Laylax. We will try our best to suit your needs on here. But you need to know, you get what you pay for with sniper parts. Not trying to be a douche about this, but there is a reason PDI and Laylax are expensive.
If you're on a budget, buy it part by part and get good parts. The ASGI parts are alright budget parts. Angel custom is pretty bad, I've been looking at them (buddy has some) and there build quality is bad compared to my laylax parts etc.

If I were you, just slowly upgrade. Patiently buy the parts. If you can't be patient with upgrading your rifle, you're going to waste cash, and this is a bad move.

As for the review, could you post pictures, groupings etc for us?
You can actually get this particular rifle to shoot very nicely and actually last a LONG time with mostly the stock parts. Most important things are the barrel and hop-up/bucking for this rifle.

Not saying that full LayLax/PDI set-ups aren't worth it, but I do agree with you hoggie. I would build it up slowly over time, and like I said, start with the barrel/hop-up.

To the OP, this seems like a great budget build. I would look into the PDI hop-up chamber, or tryout the R-Hop with the stock chamber and that may make it a bit more accurate at longer range. Another thing is compression. Since that affects shot to shot consistency, try to get a 100% seal. You can test this by plugging the tip of the barrel and firing to see if there are any leaks.
I own the Airsoft gi upgraded triggerbox, and I must say, it's pretty decent. Definetly not a zero trigger, but better than a stock trigger box. It's full metal with nice upgraded sears. It also has the capability of replacement parts, unlike a lot of zero triggers. Also, +1 for the pdi chamber. It is awesome. Before you buy any power upgrades I would start with that and a nice aeg barrel. But, like many say the more expensive the parts, generally the better they are.
I love Airsoftpro's hopup unit, takes type96 or AEG barrels, dirtcheap and well made(CNC brass)! That and a Deepfire 6.02 tb does magic for me, especially with Guarders black rubber, all in all i payed around 60 bucks or so

(sorry about the shitty grammar and spelling, long time no writey english)
Sorry guys I've been busy with school. When I get a job in a few weeks, I may buy ALL PDI parts in the future, but for now, everything is fine. The Angel Custom parts are very nice, and I have realized: they look just like First Factory parts, as someone said earlier.

The tightbore barrel is just insane, I didn't know airsoft guns were capable of that range. Overall so far so good, I plan t change the cylinder parts soon, but the barrel and stock hop up unit are there to stay for now. But I have a question: Is it possible to put a stock barrel (not stock, but made for stock hop up) with a PDI hop up chamber? I've been wondering if this is possible.
I don't believe so. Can you post pics of the Angel Custom parts?
I have made the mistake of buying the stock cut 499mm madbull barrel with my pdi hop up. It will slide in the hopup, but there are certain groves cut on an aeg barrel that are not on the stock barrel. These help to align the rubber and lock down the barrel in the hop up. It is made for aeg barrels.
The picks of my Angel Custom parts are on, under APS-2, and they are the blue set.
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