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marpat96 said:
First things first: no elitist garbage, such as, "Oh a TSD96 rebranded Well L96, that sucks major balls, I have a Maruzen L96 with all PDI upgrades and I'm a beastly sniper I can hit from 500ft away blah blah blah.
You need to understand, most peoples rifles are full PDI/Laylax. We will try our best to suit your needs on here. But you need to know, you get what you pay for with sniper parts. Not trying to be a douche about this, but there is a reason PDI and Laylax are expensive.
If you're on a budget, buy it part by part and get good parts. The ASGI parts are alright budget parts. Angel custom is pretty bad, I've been looking at them (buddy has some) and there build quality is bad compared to my laylax parts etc.

If I were you, just slowly upgrade. Patiently buy the parts. If you can't be patient with upgrading your rifle, you're going to waste cash, and this is a bad move.

As for the review, could you post pictures, groupings etc for us?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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