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It's college time for yankee, so I need money. Unfortunately, I don't play hardly ever anymore, so I have to pawn off an amazing rifle for some cash. This rifle is truly amazing and highly accurate, it just doesn't get enough use with me. I will not accept trades or bring my price down. If I can't sell her, I'll keep her. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY

CA M24 Military Version
Internal Upgrades include:

* Zero Trigger
* PDI Hop-up
* Laylax cylinder
* Laylax cylinder head
* Laylax piston
* Laylax piston head
* Laylax spring guide
* Reinforced bolt/cocking handle
* DB Custom 6.01mm Tight Bore Barrel 509mm Length

External Upgrades/Features:

* Counter-clockwise 12 Inch Long Metal, Foam filled Suppressor
* Clockwise to counter-clockwise thread adapter
* CA M24 thread adapter
* (Unknown Brand) Green/Red Military Scope
Original owner spent over 1300 after S&H. I'm selling her for only SPF

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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