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Tokyo Marui VSR G-spec

-M1 scope
-Harris Bipod
-Laylax Metal Spring guide
-Laylax Spring (rated around 540 fps)
-Stock Custom Shaved Piston
-Stock Cylinder
-Stock Cylinder Head --Teflon taped for snug fit
-Laylax Purple bucking for VSR
-Laylax Custom 6.03 Barrel
-Noobie's M-Trigger Unit
-Paint job

Just seeing what I can get out of this.

$450+ Shipping.


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hamtaro said:
are you looking for any trades? i have a vfc pdw bnib i could trade.
Please start posting like you passed the fifth grade. This is your pre-warning, as in the warning before the official warning.

Consider this a free bump ctman. ;)
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