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TTW/WTS Kokusai SR-15

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Up for sale is my baby.

-Don't lowball me, but offer up. Worst I can say is no.
-ONLY TRADE: Asahi Bushmaster with LRB and several mags, or Asahi Bushmaster with several mags + cash
-I ship USPS Priority, if you want insurance or delivery conformation, you pay for it.
-PayPal or cold hard cash are the only methods of payment that I accept. If you wish to use a USPS money order that is fine, but I will not ship until the order clears and I have the money in my hand.

This is a Kokusai Crimebuster engine that has been converted to fit into a V2 gearbox. The engine is 100% original, no modifications to it at all except boosters polishing mods. I extended the nozzle to give a much better airseal, and installed a TDC system. In fact, this rifle was the basis of all of the TDC systems I have ever installed, I saw how well it worked on this and just had to try it on others. It also has an ER-hop installed by HS5 (before I got my mill) on a Prommy 509x6.03 barrel. The externals are a DTP SR-15 front set (RIS and outer barrel), and steel SR-15 receivers. The stock is a Vltor stock, works perfectly, almost no wear on it.

Parts List:
Kokusai Crimebuster modified to a V2, with an elongated nozzle
Modify Hop Chamber - TDC modded
Prommy 6.03x509 barrel - with HS5 installed ER-hop
DTP SR-15 front set
G&P SR-15 receivers + buffer tube
VLTOR stock
Over 300 hours of tweaking :D

1 MAG midcap and 1 unknown M4 hicap will come with it.

I am selling it because there is literally nothing more I can possibly do. It is finished, and it needs to move on to someone who will use it a bit more than I will. I baby this rifle, and it gets a thorough cleaning every week, weather I used it or not. I have hits in excess of 110 meters with this.

Issues: The hose coming out the back for the HPA needs to be held in otherwise the rifle leaks, I just use tape and that works fine for me. The Modify chamber is a little picky, but use decent midcaps and bbs and you will be fine. This is also a VERY HEAVY RIFLE! The front set alone is almost 6-7 pounds, and the receivers are about that much as well.

This can be used anywhere from 50 to 150 PSI with no ill effects, which gives you an FPS range of 200 to almost 750. As an HPA rifle, chronoing 400 with .2s gives you 396 with .3s, so be careful of that.

I am slightly negotiable on the price, but I would like to get $1100+shipping. This rifle was on sale for $750 before I fixed all the issues it had and installed the ER-hop ($145 plus a $60 barrel right there) and spent 300 hours tuning it. Plus, I only know of three other conversions, one done by booster on the classic forums, and the other done years ago by someone else on those same forums. This might be your only chance to get your hands on one of these beauties. This is a beast of a rifle, and I hope someone can enjoy it.


Will not include the scope, bipod, or the QD fitting.

PM me here and post in this thread that you PM'ed, I sometimes don't notice the notifications. Also PM with questions.
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Amazing. Free bump.

On a side note, why hasn't one of these engines been modded into an M14 or SL9?!
Happy dance!!!

Happy dance!!!

Happy dance!!!
Grats man!
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