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Alright guys, I need some money worse than I need this type 96. This used to be Razgrizz's, which I bought and did some work to. The parts, although unconventional, work really well. It has been going strong for a few thousands of shots. I want to move on to a VSR, but this needs to be sold so that I can do so.

UTG upgrade kit
PDI hop up chamber(shimmed)
Madbull hopup rubber
Madbull 6.03 V2 tight bore (Measured it, turned out to be closer to 6.03 than 6.01)
ASGI Heat treated Sear set
Custom suppressor (might, maybe, work-ish? ;) )
Laylax SP120 (344fps)
Cut stock spring (~300fps)
Cut Upgrade Kit spring (~490fps)
DIY mods - foam, Teflon, warp-LRB
Replica Leupold 3-9x32 R/G illuminated scope with a sunshade built in, and a scope cap.
3 mags


I followed all of Grass' guide for silencing this, and then I also polished the cylinder head, and installed the warp-LRB. I also perfected the compression, I can plug the barrel and the piston will stop moving in the cylinder. As a result, my last chrono with the laylax spring was 344 +/- 0.2 fps.

Would make a great project gun, or would also make a good gun to just pick up and go. Depending on the spring, you can get from 50m (<300 fps) to about 95m (~490 fps) first shot hit on a torso target, maybe a little smaller.

I'd like to get 375 out of this, considering the work that I put in, tuning the warp-LRB and testing the compression.

PM me with questions, and offer up! Worst that can happen is I could say no.

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Hey bud I have a question... I have a UTG type 96 and I was wondering where I could get a damb spring for it.. I can't find one anywhere that will fit.. However, I would like to buy the spring you mentioned.. the 490 fps one.. if you don't want to sell it.. where can I get one??
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