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Type 96 or Sr-2

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For sometime now I've been sniping in airsoft. Currently my setup is a VSR all decked out.

I'm looking to buy another sniper. But, I'm trying to find a new style.
The 2 that caught my eye was the maruzen Aps type 96, and the Maruzen SR-2.

Guess my main question is, are there any problems I should know about between the two?

Is there a zero/ V trigger system for the Type 96?

Any other Sniper rifles you might think I would be interested in or better off getting?

Money is no object. Anything between 0-$600

I just want to add, I think your forum is awesome. I've been scoping out allot of posts in the last couple of months and learned quite a bit.
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Stick with the Type 96, the SR-2 is intended to be a competition shooter, and as such, it has virtually now upgrades and comes shooting low out of the box.

For the trigger and L96 parts, search PSS96 and it should come up with a whole list of upgrades for the L96, along with the trigger too.
This is the SR-2 that he's referring to, compliments of Airsoft GI

It's a very new model from Maruzen, aimed for target shooting, with virtually no updrades.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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