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Type 96 or Sr-2

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For sometime now I've been sniping in airsoft. Currently my setup is a VSR all decked out.

I'm looking to buy another sniper. But, I'm trying to find a new style.
The 2 that caught my eye was the maruzen Aps type 96, and the Maruzen SR-2.

Guess my main question is, are there any problems I should know about between the two?

Is there a zero/ V trigger system for the Type 96?

Any other Sniper rifles you might think I would be interested in or better off getting?

Money is no object. Anything between 0-$600

I just want to add, I think your forum is awesome. I've been scoping out allot of posts in the last couple of months and learned quite a bit.
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You might want to steer away from the SR-2 because it has a fixed hopup. I'm pretty sure PDI just came out with an adjustable one though so if you do choose the SR-2 all hope isn't lost. The SR-2 was designed for close-range target competitions in Japan so I don't think it would hold up for too long in a rigorous milsim environment.

The Type96 would be a better tactical rifle mainly because they just shoot beautifully. They have larger cylinder displacement than most APS's so you can get a super long barrel and still have quite enough air to send your bb downrange with some umph.

Out of the two I'd definitely say get the Type96 because of it's tried and true accuracy and dependability. The SR-2 hasn't been around enough for 1) people to have used them extensively in actual airsoft games and 2) parts to be readily available.

EDIT: Dutton posted while I was typing, but you get the idea.
Maruzen just released the LR (Long Range) version but it still would be unwise to choose it over the type96; Stick with your decision.

Just letting you know it's out there and supposedly comes with an adjustable hopup out of the box:
Good choice, Laylax is the way to go. My M24 is all laylax'ed out, it will be completely done when I get my zero trigger in a couple weeks.

The PDI vacuum piston, if you're still curious, isn't all that great. The integrated pistonhead is loud and with high velocity springs it shows signs of stress and compression early in it's life. I like the idea they were going for, but the pistonhead just could've been designed better. I suggest the Laylax 3-element piston for your 96, it's an amazing piston(pink, too!)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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