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Type 96 or Sr-2

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For sometime now I've been sniping in airsoft. Currently my setup is a VSR all decked out.

I'm looking to buy another sniper. But, I'm trying to find a new style.
The 2 that caught my eye was the maruzen Aps type 96, and the Maruzen SR-2.

Guess my main question is, are there any problems I should know about between the two?

Is there a zero/ V trigger system for the Type 96?

Any other Sniper rifles you might think I would be interested in or better off getting?

Money is no object. Anything between 0-$600

I just want to add, I think your forum is awesome. I've been scoping out allot of posts in the last couple of months and learned quite a bit.
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Thanks for your input, Much appreciated =) Type 96 it is
Yea I did alittle more research from PDI. They offer tons of upgrades for the the Aps type 96.

to tell you guys the truth, With my Vsr, I went with all Laylax upgrades. I believe in the laylax parts but, I Was thinking maybe this time around I would go with PDI.

What do you guys think about the PDI vacuum Piston?

**Edit Actually, I would prefer to go with the zero trigger system. I love the setup I have with my vsr. With the zero trigger, I cant go with Pdi. I Think I'll just stick with laylax and there cyclinder.

wow, I've never seen that piston before. Is it rated high pressure? I use an orange piston in my vsr, I'm not too impressed.

I'm probably going to go 170sp.

Thanks for showing me that piston. I'm very impressed =D You guys never fail to amaze me

Edit**** I just find it weird that both the red and orange piston is much more expensive than there pink piston?
Yea, I just wanted my next sniper rifle to be different. As I didn't know much about the rifle, Basically everyone has said the samething. I did browse around Pdi, and noticed the hop up, but thought it was odd it didn't come stock with one lol
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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