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Type 96 or Sr-2

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For sometime now I've been sniping in airsoft. Currently my setup is a VSR all decked out.

I'm looking to buy another sniper. But, I'm trying to find a new style.
The 2 that caught my eye was the maruzen Aps type 96, and the Maruzen SR-2.

Guess my main question is, are there any problems I should know about between the two?

Is there a zero/ V trigger system for the Type 96?

Any other Sniper rifles you might think I would be interested in or better off getting?

Money is no object. Anything between 0-$600

I just want to add, I think your forum is awesome. I've been scoping out allot of posts in the last couple of months and learned quite a bit.
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Well.. It can really be argued for both sides. With a fixed hop up on an SR-2, you know that your shots will always land in the same area, and it will never come loose or be inconsistant. And when it comes to airsoft, especially sniper rifles, consistancy is prime. I don't think I changed my hop up until about 4 months after I shot my APS-2.

Either way, it mainly comes down to which body style you like more, I prefer the APS-2 because it's more rare to see on the field over say, and L96. But just about everything on either one of those rifles are interchangable.
Ah, my fault for misjudgment there. I assumed he ment the APS-2 SR version. But I guess you can just assume you'll have a fixed hop up, but you always want to be able to upgrade, so in that case.. Yes, go with the APS L96 model.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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