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Type 96 PDI Hop Up Spring

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I was dismantling the gun and the spring on the hop up which is to be held in by scotch tape shoots out across the room.
How important is that spring in providing tension to the hop up rubber?
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Are you talking about the spring that pushes down on the two hop arms?

The one to the right of this picture:

I personally like to take mine out becuase I like how the hopup acts without it. Your gun will still work without it. What that spring does is add more pressure on the hop arms so you can have a more constant and even hop setting.
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A little lighter, it makes it easier to dial in the hopup in my opinion. Plus there's no added stress of making sure that thing stays in the right place when sliding it back down into the gun. Even without that spring in, you still have that O-ring holding down the hop arms. If you're running a crazy hot weapon like 550+ then you might want to think about finding a replacement. Then again, i'm shooting 550+ and I still don't need mine. Every gun is different I suppose.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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