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The Maruzen Type 96 also known as the L96/AWSM is in my opinion one of the most comfortable rifles out there. The thumbhole grip makes racking the bolt fast easy even with a 500 fpr spring. In my later days Ive owned a Gspec and this rifle blows it out of the water.


The construction of the rifle is solid as a rock, however the mag gets a little fiddley. The cheek piece feels plasticy and smooth but nothing some fiberglass bondo cant fix up

Breaking down the Rifle:

The day i got it i totally stripped it apart just to see how it worked, over a couple days i found out you can take the bolt off without removing the receiver from the stock which is a nice feature. Once i understood this gun is far more understandable than the TM VSR series taking it apart was a breeze.

Cocking the bolt (Stock&Upgraded):

The stock bolt is amazingly easy to cock, my 6 year old sister has a blast shooting at cans in my yard, in which i had fun shooting bbguns with my dad at an early age too.
Once the gun is 500 fps it still is easy to cock compared to the VSR's, i have a fairly mild build and its easy to rack it as fast as possible, and doesn't tire you out after a long day of shooting.

Upgraded Parts (install):

Installing the new cylinder was easy as pie, after familiarizing myself with the rifle the first day i had it upgraded in several minutes.

I haven't thrown in my Guarder parts yet because I'm seeing how long these stock parts will hold out, and they've held out around 1000 shots from the 540 upgrade.

the outerbarrel installation was a no brainer, once you remove the magazine catch by unscrewing one screw you only have to unscrew it from the receiver which took more time than the first step.

-PDI Hopup & Inner Barrel-

Installing the PDI hopup takes some time to figure out the Japanese directions and more importantly understanding how it works. Once you follow the 1/2" diagram pictures on the directions inserting it into the inner barrel was no problem. Adjusting the hopup is a pain, you need a super small allen to adjust them, I'm running .30's with a 540fps gun and my hopup is almost all the way off. The Systema inner barrel uses an AEG bucking that slips in the chamber like a glove however is too thick for the provided barrel spacers that come with the PDI barrel. Gives me about 40 extra feet out of the Rifle.


The Maruzen series as we all know is some of the best spring rifles on the market for a price well worth the quality. The magazine empty indicator is nice and the cocking indicator isn't the most useful but sometimes helps i suppose. The stock is a great feel on the hands and a very balanced weapon. I cant be any less impressed with it.

Rating 9.5/10 due to some cheap feel to the stock and cheekpiece.

Random pictures.

Right when i got home from use... fresh out of the case and fresh out of the dirt ;)

Remember when i said my sister likes shooting. Target of Bin Laden face on far side of yard (42 yards) wich she hits every time.

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The Maruzen SWS ive heard is really nice. Frostee off MIA has had his 550 fps for over a year, and the only part he's finally broke was his bolt handle haha, it really is a quality gun.

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There are only two other airsoft guns with the AICS: The Tanaka M700 AICS and the Asahi L96. If you're wondering about what rifles in general he would suggest then I would suggest you make a new thread about it.

Nice review, by the way, Sean.

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I'm running .30's with a 540fps gun and my hopup is almost all the way off.
A 0.30g BB leaving the barrel at 540 fps will contain approximately 4.07 joules of energy.

If i'm calculating this correctly, you have almost a 170+ yard range with this rifle. This is awesome range, however it's also really really hot. What is your min distance? 50feet?

In calculating the speed of 4.07J would give you a speed of 662fps with a .20bb. Putting this out of the MIA satey standards for play on an organized field.

Curious, do you have any quick adjustments for dialing down the speed?
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