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Type 96 Trigger Assembly Guide - Picture Heavy!

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I noticed we had a thread for the assembly of a UTG/Clone trigger box but the pictures failed to move when the forum did. I uploaded the most important pictures to the forum but since we can only have five you can view the full album for the assembly here.

First things first is to remove the trigger housing from your receiver, this is done by removing the two screws on either side of the housing. Once you've removed it from the receiver you need to remove your safety, again two screws on each side but be cautious there is a spring loaded gold pin underneath it!

Now let's remove the three screws holding the casing together. Go ahead and gently peel open the housing, be careful not to loose the springs for the piston sear!

Start pulling everything out of the housing, mind the springs and to make it easier on yourself try to pay attention on where everything goes and how it sits. Once you've wiped your housing down and prepared everything let's install the "safety sear". This sear uses the longest and thinnest spring you have. I like to add a little bit of white lithium on the spring side of the sear to make it slide easier. Go ahead and slide it in it's section of the housing.

Next add the "trigger lever", it has no specific spot is locks into you just need to make sure the one end is placed in the cut of the safety sear. I also like to apply a little bit of white lithium since it's just resting on the plastic.

Next we're going to install the trigger, the trigger has pillar on one end that goes inside the trigger lever. Again I like to add a dab of lithium here.

Now go ahead and squeeze the trigger spring into it's housing. You can test to make sure everything is moving by holding everything down gently and pulling the trigger, if the safety sear moves your golden!

Just to recap before we move on this is what your housing should look like now.

Add the trigger sear, very easy the plastic pillar that's in the center of the housing is where this sear goes. Then add the short thick spring under the sear.

Now it's about to get a little tougher but remember not to force or bend anything while we do this. I like to use a small screwdriver or a thin allen key to help move the springs. You'll notice a small "wall" next to pillar for the sear spring. First things first you need to install the spring, take the angled end of the spring and slide it in the housing.

Next take the other end and move it behind the wall, this is the hard part so take your time!

Once you've installed your spring we'll drop the piston sear in place, the sear has two pillars on the front and the back. We want the back pillar to be to the left of the spring.

Now let's add the last sear spring, this one you just sit on top of the sear having the angled end facing out towards you.

What I like to do is force the angled end back while I close the housing to line up with the other end of the housing.

After that all you need to do is install the housing screws and reinstall your safety. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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this was incredibly helpful, cannot thank you enough.
I vote to move this to the Maruzen section and sticky.
Shouldnt it go to the "Other" section? since its there were the most L96 clones are discussed?

Agree on the sticky!
will need this when reinforce the plastic housing :), vote for sticky and unstick the old topic :D
Thanks for all the kind words, happy to help out. If you anyone has issues viewing pictures or links just let me know!
sorry for necro but the last picture is dead
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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