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Type 96 Trigger Box Assembly

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Ok the first thing you want to do is take the box of the upper receiver of the gun.

Next you want to remove the 3 Philip head screws holding the box together

When you get the box in half this is what it will look like.

Then I took one piece off with each photo.
This is to show disassemble / reassembly of the box internals, I.E. to replace the sears.

Because the mazuran trigger doesn't have the hole's for the springs this is how I do it.

I put the first spring like so, then I add sear and second spring.
This is a easy way to put that finicky springs on the sear.

This is what it looks like out of the box

From there close it up, I suggest using the tape mod that I do, the holes are picky with the UTG boxes. The way it works is that it holds the springs in place of the plastic holes on the UTG boxes. Now it does not affect performance, because when you screw the box back on, the upper receiver will hold it down rather then the tape.

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Where the pictures...
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Maybe pretty old but if anyone want to see how to assembly trigger box. Check this out. Cheers.

L96 MB01 Trigger Box Assembly - YouTube
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