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6.00mm non-ported bull barrel
5.99mm ported bull barrel
cylinder head ( w/ toolbox custom sorbo pad )
piston/piston head
spring guide
bolt end screw
springs ( spo1/spo2 )
barrel spacers

Shredder kit:

modified HOP chamber(s)
cylinder head ( w/ custom toolbox sorbo pad )
Shredders Concave Spacers
Anti Blow-by ring


PDI Palsonite Cylinder Set HD
PDI Koutetso Cylinder Set
PDI sears


PSS96 Zero Trigger


Army Force Upgrade kit
T6 aluminum searbox

new pics to follow...

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thanks guys..
the gun is running 680+ fps..

@unforgiving apple
Sir, I'm using LRT Leupold Mark 4 M1 3.5-10x40mm non-illuminated Mil-dot rifle scope..The mock mag was copied from a well G96 mag, drilled a slot on the stock and fixed it with a epoxy steel..

@ Cheese Man
sir, copied the stock searbox using T6 aluminum, that was 4 years ago right before my zero trigger arrived..

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Not to be a pain but can I ask why you need this much power? :L


I have 4 different cylinder sets with different power ratings, edgi kit to be the highest, all are drop-in fit. I can easily change my power plant depending on the field requirements.

**680+fps** - for open fps
- farm ( pest-control )
- backyard plinking
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