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type 96 Well MB01

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6.00mm non-ported bull barrel
5.99mm ported bull barrel
cylinder head ( w/ toolbox custom sorbo pad )
piston/piston head
spring guide
bolt end screw
springs ( spo1/spo2 )
barrel spacers

Shredder kit:

modified HOP chamber(s)
cylinder head ( w/ custom toolbox sorbo pad )
Shredders Concave Spacers
Anti Blow-by ring


PDI Palsonite Cylinder Set HD
PDI Koutetso Cylinder Set
PDI sears


PSS96 Zero Trigger


Army Force Upgrade kit
T6 aluminum searbox

new pics to follow...
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Looks great! How does it shoot? The internals sound good too.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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