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Type96 - PDI V-trigger vs Zero Trigger - FIGHT-AHH!

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Before I get yelled at... yes, I did search the forums and Google, so please be gentle :bow:

I know that both the V-trigger and Zero triggers are excellent investments, but my main concerns are the price and safety feature. Preferably, I'd like to spend less than $150 for a trigger, but I could go to $200 for an exceptional unit. Action Army, PDI, Laylax, it doesn't matter too much for me, as long as they'll hold up.

Safety - I know that most zero triggers do not have one. Does anyone go to any fields/events where having safeties is required? I'd hate to drop so much cash to find my rifle is illegal at whatever field I find myself at. The V-trigger looks pretty nice, with the working safety feature, but I'm not too sure on shipping from X-Fire to the US (I just see some Japanese symbols for the shipping costs on X-Fire...)

Any personal preferences/experiences/shop choices? All of the threads describing the different triggers are all several years old by now, or are focused on the VSR-10 variants. A more recent reference for the L96 users is nice to have for everyone :)
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Safeties aren't mandatory AFAIK. Some guns just don't have one.

I personally really like the airsoftpro trigger. Holds up just as well as the other options but it's a lot cheaper (€80 for a trigger, piston, spring and spring guide) :tup:
If you order from PDI this is the procedure:

Place your order, go to checkout and confirm the items. They will ask you a few things like name, country and zipcode (no specific adress!). -> confirm your order

Within 1 day you will get an email in which they state the shipping cost and the total amount. You have 5 days to pay, or the order (more like a reservation) will be canceled.

Easy as that :)
The V-trigger looks pretty nice, with the working safety feature, but I'm not too sure on shipping from X-Fire to the US (I just see some Japanese symbols for the shipping costs on X-Fire...)

Any personal preferences/experiences/shop choices? All of the threads describing the different triggers are all several years old by now, or are focused on the VSR-10 variants. A more recent reference for the L96 users is nice to have for everyone :)
I'm currently building my BAR-10 using PDI parts ordered from X-Fire, including the V-Trigger. I haven't tried any other setups, so I can't help you with comparisons... but, some things to note.

1) I can't make the safety "safe" on the VSR V Trigger. Perhaps it's because I have a JG and not a TM, but the safety arm doesn't actually block the trigger from moving completely enough. What's more, even fiddling around with it using a screwdriver to block the lug, I can't prevent the trigger from dislodging the sear. There's just too much play internally to the trigger system for the safety to actually make the gat safe.

So, yeah, technically, the safety's there... but I would *never* trust it. Maybe the 96 is different, but I doubt it.

2) Shipping from X-Fire is both easy and fast, so long as you don't expect any customer service. You place your order, they send you a confirmation email, and then a day later they send you an invoice including shipping. You pay that invoice using PayPal, making sure to put your order number in the comments section, to pay their exact price choosing yen from the PayPal dropdown (don't convert to dollars), and making sure that all of your address is 100% correct in PayPay's database. Then they ship it to your PayPal address.

I wouldn't expect to make any returns or exchanges. I've heard that they're very good about fixing their mistakes, so don't worry about that. But the whole experience has an "all sales final" kind of feeling to it. So I'd make super sure you're getting what you want.

Don't worry about customs. There's nothing with jacked trades, and the gear's legal, so it won't get stopped. And apparently there's no customs duty on "sports goods" for personal use under $2000 in value (or something; it's actually super complex, but don't sweat it).

After payment, it seems like about 7-10 days from X-Fire to Colorado. The variance is mainly, like, if a weekend delays shipping or customs clearance. Keep in mind X-Fire isn't a big Amazon operation or something, so your stuff doesn't go in the mail two seconds after you click. They work quickly, but because of the time difference, there's some lag in the process.

As for time and costs: 1000 Yen is about $8.50 US right now. You can check the conversion on Google (just search "X yen to usd" without quotes, where X is how many Yen), but the dollar is doing *awesome* against the yen right now. You will get a great deal because of this... also X-Fire has a bunch of sales on right now.

My first package had an inner barrel, cylinder/piston set, trigger, spacers, bucking, spring... it shipped for 2040 Yen ($17.46), and arrived in like 8 days. My second package is just a couple of springs, and shipped for 1200 Yen ($10.27)... They shipped it on Tuesday, and it's in customs in LA right now. I'll probably get it Tuesday or Wednesday.
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Thanks for the input guys!

Reiklu, I can only find the airsoftpro trigger bundle for the VSR-10. For L96 MB01 parts, you need to buy them all separately, and for much more than 80 euros :( I am in the market to upgrade my piston and spring guide, but I was hoping I could get a set of Ranger's once he gets everything back in order.

Hitch, thanks for the explanation! It seemed pretty odd to require form of purchase but not have me input my paypal info. I looked around for a bit on x-fire's website, but couldn't find much with the choppy English.

Netzapper, thanks for your mini-review! Personally, I don't NEED a safety, since I keep my finger off the trigger until I'm going to shoot. As long as safeties aren't required, I can live without.

I did my research on the v-trigger, and did the conversion earlier. The V-trigger was considered on-par with the laylax zero trigger from the threads I've found, but the current conversion rate puts it just above $100 usd. With such a low price point, I wasn't sure if I was going to get gouged for shipping to the states. But if shipping is under $20, I think I might've found my new trigger...

I know that shipping from across the Pacific isn't going to be instant, and since it's winter I have plenty of time to wait - all the pansies around here don't want to get cold for a game of airsoft, which gives me about 5 months worth of tinker time with my rifle. With all the new 'snipers' showing up, it's finally time that I get on top of my tech-ing game and do all the things I've always meant to do, and give them a good role model in the process >:D
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The V-trigger is known for having a stiff trigger pull but greater durability than the Z-trigger. The Z-trigger is known for its light trigger pull but low durability.

It comes down to whether you prefer durability or a light trigger pull.

All of my X-Fire orders were sent via EMS (1200-2200 yen shipping cost), so I received my parts in less than a week on average.
Honestly? I bought it for the same reason: it's like $100 at the moment, it's very well built, and offers 90 degree piston engagement (On VSR you need a piston upgrade to use it, but I think I read somewhere that the L96 has a 90 degree piston already).

I mean, totally subjectively and with only real steel and the stock trigger as comparison, I really like the V Trigger on my BAR. It has a wonderful crispness to it. It doesn't boast a low trigger pull, although there's an adjustment screw that easily turns it into a "hair tigger" (I found it too, uh, hairy). PDI considers it a feature to have a "realistic" pull weight. I do believe it varies by mainspring strength, though.

I don't mind, because it just snaps perfectly like a fine rifle trigger *should*. I'm putting in a PDI 450 spring when it shows up... we'll see how that is.

And despite the safety not working, I can't make it go off by dropping or smacking it. So if you keep your booger hook off the bang switch, I don't consider this a deal breaker.
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My field is pretty safety conscious, but they have yet to bust my balls about my spring bolt actions not having safeties. They do require electrics to have safeties, but very very few people use sniper rifles out there.

As long as you are up on your trigger discipline, then you should be good. (also have a trigger guard, I did get chewed a little about that one.)
You don't really need a safety, as long as you release(Shoot) the one bb chambered.
Yes, you waste a bb, but the gun is "safe" after that(Still treat it as a cocked weapon).
It's even safer then a cocked gun, with the safety on and a bb in the chamber.
airsoftmaniacman, I'm pretty down with durability. If I drop $100+ on a part, it better not break on me :/

Netzapper, L96's come stock with 90 degree pistons. Pretty nice from an upgrading standpoint. I'll definitely be checking out that hair trigger adjustment for myself... hopefully it isn't too hairy on my end. And I'll do my best to "keep my booger hook off the bang switch" XD

Plaz, great to hear! I guess there are no reasons NOT to get another $100 gun part now...

Thanks everyone!
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