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Type96 - PDI V-trigger vs Zero Trigger - FIGHT-AHH!

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Before I get yelled at... yes, I did search the forums and Google, so please be gentle :bow:

I know that both the V-trigger and Zero triggers are excellent investments, but my main concerns are the price and safety feature. Preferably, I'd like to spend less than $150 for a trigger, but I could go to $200 for an exceptional unit. Action Army, PDI, Laylax, it doesn't matter too much for me, as long as they'll hold up.

Safety - I know that most zero triggers do not have one. Does anyone go to any fields/events where having safeties is required? I'd hate to drop so much cash to find my rifle is illegal at whatever field I find myself at. The V-trigger looks pretty nice, with the working safety feature, but I'm not too sure on shipping from X-Fire to the US (I just see some Japanese symbols for the shipping costs on X-Fire...)

Any personal preferences/experiences/shop choices? All of the threads describing the different triggers are all several years old by now, or are focused on the VSR-10 variants. A more recent reference for the L96 users is nice to have for everyone :)
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My field is pretty safety conscious, but they have yet to bust my balls about my spring bolt actions not having safeties. They do require electrics to have safeties, but very very few people use sniper rifles out there.

As long as you are up on your trigger discipline, then you should be good. (also have a trigger guard, I did get chewed a little about that one.)
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