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Type96 - PDI V-trigger vs Zero Trigger - FIGHT-AHH!

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Before I get yelled at... yes, I did search the forums and Google, so please be gentle :bow:

I know that both the V-trigger and Zero triggers are excellent investments, but my main concerns are the price and safety feature. Preferably, I'd like to spend less than $150 for a trigger, but I could go to $200 for an exceptional unit. Action Army, PDI, Laylax, it doesn't matter too much for me, as long as they'll hold up.

Safety - I know that most zero triggers do not have one. Does anyone go to any fields/events where having safeties is required? I'd hate to drop so much cash to find my rifle is illegal at whatever field I find myself at. The V-trigger looks pretty nice, with the working safety feature, but I'm not too sure on shipping from X-Fire to the US (I just see some Japanese symbols for the shipping costs on X-Fire...)

Any personal preferences/experiences/shop choices? All of the threads describing the different triggers are all several years old by now, or are focused on the VSR-10 variants. A more recent reference for the L96 users is nice to have for everyone :)
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Safeties aren't mandatory AFAIK. Some guns just don't have one.

I personally really like the airsoftpro trigger. Holds up just as well as the other options but it's a lot cheaper (€80 for a trigger, piston, spring and spring guide) :tup:
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