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Welcome aboard Dave, in case you haven't already familiarized yourself with some of our staff I'm Mosin, one of the Airsoft Sniper Administrators. Along with Livonia and Embed, we also have Oakey, Dutton and several others all around the world that help our moderation staff out. Now, admin side away I see you're interested in getting into the role, well that's exactly what this forum is for. Be it a newcomer to the sport like yourself, or even a USMC Scout/Sniper, you can come up on here and maybe get some new ideas you might not have been able to think of along with any help needed on the technical side of the house (I know Vindicare is the guru of all Electric DMR platforms, while Livonia and I seem to have more of a knack for the APS-2 and Maruzen L96 version, which are the higher quality counterpart to what you have there).

Anyways, feel free to post up and learn some knowledge.

Airsoft Sniper Administrator
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