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UK Arms M24??

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I have narrowed down my choices for the two sniper rifles I like the most. An A&K Dragunov SVD or a UK Arms M24 I've heard alot about the SVD, but nothing about the M24. Does anyone know anything about the M24? For example is it good quality, accurate, powerful? Any help would be great.
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You can also perform the wax mod on the outer barrel to prevent wobble. The grub screws eventually come loose again and were never very strong for me.
Peyote said:
I have the A&K SVD and I put a Madbull bucking into it and a 650mm Madbull TB and it shoots fantastically well with .30g BBs. However I can't handle the way you cock it as it cramps and bruises my hand and fingers to no end and I'm actually trying to sell it now.

Something else to note is that even with the barrel wobble fix(tighting a few grub screws) if you try to hold the fore-grip and fire it seems to drastically effect the BB's path compared to if you hold the magazine. It is most definitely not a weapon for all including myself, I'll be sticking with my bolties from now on.
Just wear a glove man. If I could cock my SVD laying down, then you can too. Mine had a PSG-1 400% spring in it too (just about as strong as you could buy). The barrel wobble can be fixed with wax. My SVD was pretty accurate out to around 80-90 yards with MadBull 0.40g
nelsonho396 said:
Hey Wesley how do you do the wax mod?
Another thing that helps is thread lock on those tiny grub screws. Here's a vid of the wax mod:

No problem. I found that thread lock was more effective than the wax anyway. The wax kinda made a mess, but it worked out alright. This rifle is a PIA to disassemble, but I got pretty good at taking down my old one for cleaning and everything.
Peyote said:
I really don't know the SVD just feels off to me, sure I can cock it but I find it to be an awkward movement. Taking your hand off the whole gun assembly to reach forward to cock it just doesn't work with me. With a bolt I can make the transition from the trigger to the bolt in one fluid movement.
I know what you mean. It certainly haha. It is very awkward and I'm sure if I wasn't so tall, I wouldn't be able to cock mine laying down with that huge spring in it.

The one thing I love about this rifle though is the simplicity. I like how you can just remove the dust cover to get to all of the guts. I definitely enjoyed my SVD, but did eventually end-up selling it off.
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