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UK Arms M24??

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I have narrowed down my choices for the two sniper rifles I like the most. An A&K Dragunov SVD or a UK Arms M24 I've heard alot about the SVD, but nothing about the M24. Does anyone know anything about the M24? For example is it good quality, accurate, powerful? Any help would be great.
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I saw the m24 My mohawk friend has one. Its decent. Note decent. I personally have the A&K SVD. It has a tough weapon. I use .36 in it but I think does might be a bit to heavy I might consider dropping .3 I just fixed barrel wobble just 10 mins ago. Out of the box my svd had barrel wobble that would make ever shot suck. The entire barrel would go up and down. That fixed with tightening some screws under the handguard. The fps on my shoots a consistent 455. The internals are really strong and I have no doubt it can probably handle all the way to m170. It has a hard bolt pull but taking out the return springs makes it so easy I can cock the stock spring with one finger. You will have to buy a PSO scope if you want it to look true to the real. That cost 150 dollars but I made a rail drilled it into the dustcover. Probably not the strongest but it works.
Also remember to camo you rifle. Having a 5 foot long black rifle stands out really good. ( That sounded wrong) But I just finished making a rifle wrap and at 30 feet it is hard to see.

Sorry if I ramble alot. If you have more question just pm me.
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Just remove the return spring then the pain is gone.
Hey Wesley how do you do the wax mod?
I`ll probably stick with the grubs screws but thanks Wesley. I have to take off the rifle ghillie which is soo hard to take off.
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