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uk JG BAR 10

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Hello I was wondering if anyone knows a website I can get a two tone Jg bar 10 from int the uk. If not does anyone know any good alternatives to the bar 10 preferably around £90-£150?

(I'm new to this forum so sorry if my post is bad or I did something wrong.)
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buy it from some other EU site (like this one, or im sure you can find few more.. )

the link i sent you is for the G-Spec version tho.

one of the alternatives could be: buying a standard replica, and just paint it yourself?

This is from UK right?: JG BAR 10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle OD with scope
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The problem is i don't have a ukra so i can't legally import a RIF.

Also the uk site you provided does not have it in stock. :(
yeah sry didnt even notice. I should have expected it tho. I was searching in the past week alot because i was buying myself a BAR as well.. unfortunatly only every 3rd site or so even had them in stock.

btw if u manage to find yourself a gun, this site also offers 2-tone service
2 Tone Service
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