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Hi everyone,

Some of us have spoke on the forums in the past but for those that don't know me, I've been an avid Airsofter now for 15+ years.
Over that long period of time, I've had the opportunity to play at many different sites across the UK and meet some amazing people.
I've been very fortunate to play with and against some awesome Airsofters as well as play at some insane sites.

But, recently when someone asked me what I did at the weekend, I had no shame saying I played Airsoft, but that person then said "what's that?" and it got me thinking... "Why don't more people know about Airsoft, this Sport I've come to love, why aren't more people taking part and getting to enjoy it too?"....

I then came to realize that although there are hundred, thousands of videos online of Game Plays, Scope Cams, RIF Reviews, but little to none focusing on the sites themselves.
Some folks may look online, find a site and think "oh this looks cool but.... is it any good? What's the site like? What will I expect" other than maybe a wall of text on the website or a promo video by the site themselves.
And what about those who want to try new sites but maybe want a bit more detail about what to expect from somewhere they've never played before?
So I thought "Well, I love Airsoft, I want more people to love Airsoft, so why don't I make some reviews for sites so people can make an informed decision?"....

So Here we are.
A few weeks back I and a few friends of the thussly named Pew Pew Crew (Non Affiliated to the FB group we now realize exists...) visited RIFT Com's Site 3.
And we had a blast.

Below is the video of our first ever Site Review.
Please comment on the video or hit me up on Instagram with any constructive criticism.
I'm always open to ways we/I can improve the review process (After my Wedding/Honeymoon I'm looking to get a GoPro/Action Camera for better content).

At the end of the day, I began making these videos because I love Airsoft and the people I've been fortunate to meet over 15 years of playing (and more years to come hopefully).
I Hope others will be influenced in a positive manner by my videos to try it out for themselves or to visit a new site.

All the best everyone.

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