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UMAREX Glock-17 vs Tokyo Marui Glock-17

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Title says it all.
My preference in pistols was for gas always Marui(They are incomperable)
and for CO2 pretty much KWC.
But then Umarex got the Official Glock License...
Is it any good/better than the Marui overall?
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I own the elite force/umarex Glock-17. I've been in the game for a long time and was pleasantly surprised with the performance of this pistol. I'm used to using my fully upgrade tm hi capa, and in my opinion not much can beat that due to its reliability, and how easy it is to get parts for from many different sources. But if you are wanting a glock I would honestly suggest the umarex glock. I would suggest using .25, or even .30 bbs in it. It can handle them and will send them out to a pretty good distance(consistently hitting a man sized target at around 150) easily being able to reach and reliably hit targets farther than that. Some of my old glock mags from an old tm block I had worked, but some didn't. I dont own any other brand but a few people have said that they did. If u want more info on this the YouTube channel gun gamers put out a good video on compatability with certain parts, and mags. Good luck.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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