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Understanding The R-Hop Concept

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Installed correctly, the R-Hop increases range and accuracy (in any order)... I get that. But in a VSR hop-up, does the R-Hop render all adjustments null-n-void? If the R-hop is all that you need, the after shaving the nub off of the hop-up rubber of choice, do you just pitch all of the little plastic pieces that used to control hop-up adjustment?
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You can still adjust hop with the r-hop. It isn't a fixed hop. I like to sand my r-hop down so it's flush with the barrel so when hop is turned completely off the bb does not touch it.

What the r-hop does is give a longer contact area to the bb, letting it gain backspin slower than than the regular bucking mound. Because it gets backspin slower and more steady, it is more stable and doesn't vibrate in the air as much. Because it doesn't vibrate as much in the air, it is more stable, which equates to more consistent shots and a flatter trajectory.
You still need the parts to adjust your hop up. that is unless you do a TDC mod... :tup:
Thanks guys... for some reason I got the impression that the R-Hop removed the need for the old hop up nub and adjustment system, by simply by adding the blue tube slices...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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