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So I had a horrible experience with a site ( which I will never order from again and was a typical user, found a good deal and excitedly ordered without doing research.

What I ordered was a UTG Shadow Ops rifle, what I got was a Double Eagle M59P with no options for return (opened the box to inspect the rifle and they don't allow returns on open packages) and was wondering what I am looking at for upgrades, if I am stuck with the gun I'd at least like to make it as good as it can be as my budget doesn't have room for just getting rid of it and buying a new gun.

I did a search and only found one post about the gun and it only returned one result about it being a crappy gun but I'm stuck with it.

Any help would be appreciated on suggestions or tips for a new player (break in period, adjustments, pro-tips etc.)

Thanks a lot.

- Majik
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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