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Hello all

Here is the tutorial to upgrade the M700 AICS Tanaka, M700 police and M40.
The M700 Takedown in not compatible
(sorry for my following vocabulary, I'm french, I can't find where I have to intruduce myself)

All the upgrade parts could be bought here:

King arms Hopup chamber:

housing creation:

nine ball hopup (or VSR10 hopup with teflon):
It's a french website, you can certainly find it in Hong Kong

6.03 laylax barrel:

here is a tutorial for the assembly:

It's very simple, you juste have to relase:
- the old hopup chamber (vith hopup seal and bucking)
- the plastic housing (the original is very fragile)
- the barrel (the KA kit allows you to fit a VSR10 precision barrel : a 6.03 PSS10 Laylax for VSR10)
- the old noozle (you have to relase it with grips!)

and fit all the parts, don't forget to fix the new noozle in the KA kit

with a CO2 power booster, the replica is less sensible with the ousite temperature

here my M700 AICS with CO2 powerbooster and after the upgrade:

I think it's the best upgrade for Tanaka's riffles, prepare youself for the difference, it's incredible!
you can leave the G&G set of hopup seals

have a nice day :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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