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Upgrade time! (need advice)

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I bought a Well MB03 almost two years ago and I have been using it off and on (a bit more off with covid) ever since. A friend recommended upgrading it with this kit:

Power Up Kit for WELL / BRAVO VSR-10 BAR-10 MB03 MB07 Series Airsoft Sniper Rifle, Accessories & Parts, Sniper Rifle Parts, Shop by Model, VSR-10 - Airsoft Superstore

This got the rifle shooting at 540 fps on 0.20g BBs, but as one might predict the stock trigger failed (in my case it was the spring guide stopper). I managed to pull one out of a donor rifle and it has fixed the problem for a while, but it is beginning to fail again. First of all, what does the spring guide stopper do? I cannot figure out why this would cause a slam fire.

Beyond that I am looking for a solution to this problem and see a few options:

1. Replace the piston guide stopper. It would be wise to replace both sears with proper steel ones. Steel sears seem easy enough to find, is there a clear recommendation on any of them? PDI? PPS? SHS? I finally managed to find a (probably) quality spring guide stopper from Laylax:

Laylax PSS10 VSR 10 Guide Stopper (

Here are some cheaper options that would have to be replaced every now and then:

PPS CNC VSR-10 trigger spring guide stopper - Online Airsoft Retail & Wholesale Worldwide Shipping (

WELL Replacement Spring Guide Bar for MB4411D Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Accessories & Parts, Sniper Rifle Parts, Shop by Model, APS-2 / Type 96 - Airsoft Superstore (not sure if this is VSR-compatible)

Any thoughts on these parts? This repair would cost as low as $6 for a cheap replacement and as high as $100 if replacing all three parts with quality brands. I have not spotted any wear on the sears yet so these could be done later.

2. Replace the entire trigger box. This will work for another few months before needing to be replaced again. Would cost around $20. No good reason to do this over just the spring guide stopper except part availability.

3. Upgrade the trigger box with a 90 degree trigger. This seems to be the most recommended option, but will easily be the most expensive at $120 to $210. If anyone is selling one I would definitely be interested :) I may post a wanted ad later...

4. Something I have not thought of. You do not know what you do not know until you know it.

Additionally, I am also thinking of replacing the cylinder since the front of mine is becoming deformed. I hear that the stock piston on the Well MB03 is out of spec, will a VSR-10 one fit the MB03 receiver? Is there anything else on the MB03 that is out of spec?

Thank you for the input!
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I'd say get the Laylax spring guide stopper and some SHS or PPS sears, and an Angel Custom cylinder, piston, and cylinder head down the road.
Their cylinders and pistons are pretty good judging from the ones I own plus being super cheap, so I'd definitely recommend them.

Edit: the Laylax one looks like it kind of sucks, get the PPS one as it looks way better, is in stock, and is really cheap.
I'd suggest these parts.
As for the spring guide stopper, the PPS one just looks better than the Laylax.
The WELL one should work as well.

MASADA and I both own that exact trigger, I have the old model and idk what he has.
We both like it, and definitely recommend it for the price as it comes with all that stuff.

I also have had 2 cylinders and have one right now, and I would definitely recommend them as they are identical to Laylax/AA and are usually on sale for like $65.
My piston is working great at 4J as it's my rifle that I never play with.

Since I did buy used I had to make a new spring guide stopper, and the piston was missing the old style piston head, but I just lathed off the knob and put some Loctite on the threads.
I would say that it's a bit better than AA and the ones similar to AA as the O-ring is what seems to be a polyurethane one which is super wear resistant and seals better for high speed things.
I'd personally put in an X-ring, but it really doesn't matter as that's going to be the last thing on your list.
I did however put some AEG shims where they fit, and the sproing and snap sound dropped a little.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts