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Upgrade today

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So, I bought a TBB of EBAY for $40. 500mm stainless 6.01. I have no clue what kind it is, but it is the same cut as the stock barrel since it fits in the stock hopup. I sanded down the arm in the hop up and threw in a H-nub. WOW. At 100' I am hitting about 8 out of 10 shots within a 6" pattern. All the left and right fliers are gone. I still get an errant shot that sails on me. I am using .28's. I think if I increase the weight I should really be set. I also noticed and increase in FPS. I use a peice of foan that is roughly 2" thick and I generally could not get a bb through it, but now I have them poking out of the other side, not completely through. I am a believer now!
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I forgot, I opened the up the cylinder and noticed that on both sides of my piston head were worn down pretty bad. I dont ssee any damage anywhere else. I am using the aluminum UTG upgrade piston. Any ideas?
You need 2 things. Heavier bbs, and not a 6.01 unless you are only going to plink.
Not a 6.01? It seems to work well so far...
It is good at 100 feet, but get out to 200-250-300 feet and it is kinda lacking. Also an R-hop.
Yes, there are TONS of information in this forum about which barrels are recommended.
anyone know what kind of barrel it would be? I have no clue
Prometheus 6.03 TBB

Don't buy the 500mm, it's cut differently and works ONLY for the AEG that is designated on the packaging.

Mine is 509mm and it works very well. I just can't find a muzzle adapter at the moment so I can hide the small inner barrel sticking out :doh:
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