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Upgraded Hicapa, TM vsr 400 fps cylinder, gear

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Alright, I am getting ready to get into my baseball season, so I wont be playing much except at a friends house at our field there. I need to get rid of these things to buy upgrades for my gspec.

That being said, the only trades I will take:
- Laylax VSR Ztrigger, SP150, Steel Spring guide
- PDI v-trigger, full VC cylinder kit, vaccuum piston

Upgraded VSR cylinder

I have a vsr cylinder upgraded to over 400 fps, I beleive it is somewhere around 430. Works perfectly, no problems. The pin has been drilled so it is prime for upgrading.

Price: $45

Upgraded WE Tac Master

I received this in a trade about 5-6 months back. From the shots I have taken, this thing is a beast. The upgrades allow this to easily shoot 130+ feet accurately. I really wish I didnt have to sell this, but I need to buy vsr upgrades.

(Not sure the exact brand, after research the following are the most probable)
- PDI Precision Inner Barrel
- Guarder hi-flow valves (3 mags)
- Guarder 150% recoil + hammer spring
- Threaded Barrel
- Madbull Gemtech Blackside

- Gun
- 3 Mags
- Threaded Barrel
- Madbull Gemtech Blackside

- Missing one screw on tenderizer, no effect at all
- Silencer a tad too heavy, makes you have to push the slide foward alot because the barrel becomes too heavy. A lighter silencer would fix completely.

Price New: $~370
Asking: $200

OE Tech Deployment Bag - $15
Uncle Mikes? Belt Holster - $10
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Its the optional front end that looks like a meat tenderizer.
This hicapa uses Green gas or propane. I personally use propane as it is cheaper, but I have run it off Green Gas as well.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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