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Javelin M24 ($150)

Internals -
All metal trigger box, metal piston and trigger sear ($35)
Angel Custom AC-APS-03 aluminum piston ($40)
Angel Custom AC-APS-02 piston head ($16)
Angel Custom AC-APS2-04 Stainless ball bearing spring guide ($35)
Angel Custom SP 150 and SP 170 springs ($30)
R HOP hop up bucking and M nub hop up nub ($12 parts + $40 install)
Hop up arm is shimmed, inner barrel has spacers installed, bucking is sealed at the front

Included: Original piston, spring and spring guide 3 each, 25 round magazines ($25); Original box , about 1500 .30s and 1800 .43s also included

Externals -
Outer barrel is hydro dip painted carbon fiber and over coated flat clear ($30)
Stock is hydro dip painted smoke skulls grey and black break up camo and over coated flat clear ($30)
2" custom made web sling with quick disconnects
BSA 1.5-4.5 x 32 "turkey dot" reticle scope, target turrets - BSA # B01545X32 ($80)
The scope is custom mounted on low rings
External hop up adjustment

No BS manufacturer box top FPS claims, this gun CHRONOS 505-508 with .20s; 445-450 with .30s and 390-395 with .43s. The hop up will handle up to .43; but the gun likes washed Madbull .40s best.
Caution: This gun requires regular maintenance! The barrel has to be kept clean and the cylinder has to be kept lubricated with a light silicone. It's a really good shooter, I'm selling to finance going to the dark HPA rig!

Total invested: over $350 plus $150 for the original gun; asking $350 OBO; It's on Ebay, I will ship for actual shipping cost; I prefer PayPal for my protection and yours. I'll email additional pics if requested.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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