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Upgraded JG BAR-10 $120 w/extras

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Hello, I have an upgraded JG BAR-10 for sale. It has a very nice DBC 6.01mm inner barrel, firefly hard bucking with teflon around the end, cut down airbrake, #14 O-ring that has a great seal, teflon wrapped cylinder head, and stuffed stock for noise reduction. It comes with two mags, a Leapers 3-9x40 illuminated mil-dot reticle with sunshade (I can't seem to zero the scope), and a custom stained wood-like stock.

For all this I am asking a mere $120! Add $20 to that and I will include a nice case along with some black .3g goldenball bbs. It's a great shooting rifle, but I just don't need it anymore and could use some money. No trades! Thank you.
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This is a pretty good deal here. Please someone take this rifle off of my hands.
Man, I totally would... it's just that I live in Korea, and shipping an airsoft gun without the proper permits is illegal. Also, you can't ship scopes.

But mid March I'll be back in the states, and if it's still with you, you better believe I'll buy that thang!
Oh, that really sucks!! Well, if I do still happen to have it, it will be yours!
After Christmas I probably will be able to buy for a higher price(just to be nice)
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Bump. this rifle is still for sale. I need the money!
I have a nice JG M4 s system with an AFG, Deans plugs, and a new red dot, with 4 mid caps and 1 high cap and a smart charger all worth around a little over $300 if you are interested in a straight trade?
Thanks Jeremey
Are you willing to ship it to Europe?
I'd like to keep it in the US. I will include the case for an extra $20! I just need cash.
Hey I live in the US and am interested. What are some of the internal mods? Aftermarket spring, cylinder, piston, etc. etc.? I think I will try to buy it for $140 gun and case
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