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WELL It was nice enough out and I just upgraded my Maruzen APS-2 SV so I took some pictures of my parts, me using the Poor Man's Chrono and me getting shot with my rifle.

First up are parts:

Parts List:
PDI APS2 Hopup
PDI 6.04 Tightbore
Guarder Bucking
Guarder Bolt Handle
King Arms Lightweight Trigger
Laylax PSS2 Teflon Cylinder
Laylax PSS2 Spring Guide
Laylax PSS2 210 Spring
Laylax PSS2 3element Piston
Laylax PSS2 Power Cup
Laylax Cylinder Head PRO
Poor Man's Chrono:

My Pain:

Soup Can PWNAGE:

The first shot he took hit me in my wallet and didnt hurt but I sure as hell felt it hit. The second one I told him to shoot my left ass cheek and the BB went a little high and hit me in the back/kidney area.... it hurt...

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Glad to see my shooting yourself technique for measuring FPS is really taking off! I have to say though, you hit through a lot more layers of tougher material than most people usually wear to a game. I have to say that you might be pushing the limits of responsible airsoft bringing that to a regular game.

But I'd love to have something like that for target shooting!

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I had an SPR330 spring shooting 525 with .3's, definitely not field legal and way beyond MIA velocity limits. Don't make the mistake of cutting too many coils, man! Take it to Spyops or something, they're always willing to let people use their little shooting range/chronograph.

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Personally, I'm a milsim and tinkering kind of guy. The target shooting is great but it's a holdover until I can get in the field, so I never bother putting anything higher than 550 fps spring (field limit) into a rifle, especially as I want to keep my internals spiffy. Stock bolt handle hasn't broken yet and I've got better things to buy

Also I've noticed 500 fps and a TM bucking is plenty to hop a .43 bb with the hop up turned all the way up, so weight isn't a problem :)

That being said...awesome rifle man!
I like the internals too, laylax is the way to go. And this is actually pretty close to field legal...50 fps lower, and with a 100 foot engagement distance it would be safe enough. I would DEFINITELY not trust this in the hands of someone inexperienced though.
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