Testing the waters here as I don't necessarily want or need to sell this rifle. The only reason I would sell this rifle is because I am currently building a HPA VSR rifle. The sniper rifle is extremely quiet and can hit 275 ft all day long using high quality .48 bbs at 2.6 J. I will include the original AEG hop up set up as well as the weaker spring. I have YouTube videos showing the rifle shooting as well as showing it shooting at the effective distance. I had to shim the hop up nub so that it would adjust correctly. It works perfectly fine but if you open up the hop up and see a shim, it's because silverback didn't machine the nub correctly and I had to shim it.

Silverback Tac 41 - $390
Novritsch scope set - $79
Tac 41 short mag - $14
Tac 41 extended mag - $22
Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel Precision 6.01mm professionally lapped by silicone sword - $50
Maple leaf Autobot 70 deg - $10
Silverback Gbb chamber - $60
Silverback advanced top wheel kit - $60
Silverback triangular barrel 420mm - $75
Silverback suppressor - $50
Silverback advanced piston head gas blowback - $53

Sling and handgun not included

Please feel free to send your best offers or ask any questions thanks.

Price is shipped and OBO