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Nice timing. Although you didn't specify which rifle. There are a couple of versions of the SP M40. So if you could specify which one that would help. I've been searching for upgrade parts all day today because I'm about to get an M40XB. Here are some upgrades I found for the XB, mostly from WGC.

600fps Upgrade Kit (I'm pretty sure this would tear your rifle apart

Tapered Cylinder Head

Adjustable hopup for M40XB

If you're into gas sniping: Gas Bolt

Parts for the XB and the A1. (found by Livonia)

The down side is shipping costs and potential customs headches :-/
What headaches can you have for importing little pieces of metal? He's asking about upgrades.

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Ozone, this is completely ridiculous. I come onto the forum to check to make sure everything is running smooth two minutes before I hit the hay, and I see your posts. You are taking a nice long vacation. 75% warning increase for the crap you have posted today....

When you come back, I expect you to post to higher standards, or you will be gone without further warning.

I typically never hand out a warning without informing the violator, in this case you, about the rules you broke. Let alone a 75% warning increase.

I am going to delete the majority of your posts, as they offer nothing and are complete crap. Feel free to pm me if you feel this is unfair.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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