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Ok, I'm going to be getting a bunch of upgrades for my VSR pro here soon, and I was wondering if this is good.

PDI or Laylax 120% spring
All new sears over time.
Shooter's ridge rock mount Bipod
and do I need the PDI bipod mount thingy?
Good ammo(I'm using cybergun 2g right now, I don't recommend it) anything else?
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I suggest you ditch the cybergun bb's real quick. There's a picture floating around the internet I can't seem to find and it shows a bunch of cybergun bb's and one of them is completely fucked up (elongated and such)

I suggest excel bb's. I've been using KSC's for my AEG's but I'm going to be looking into who makes the best .28 or .3 bb.
That's easy, .29's Super Grand Master by Maruzen and Tokyo Marui's Superior Grade .30's (My personal favorite!)
For the Bi-Pod, it should mount directly to your VSR-10, I am pretty sure they have the standard Bi-Pod Swivel Mount. So, all you will need is the Bi-Pod.

AE's are supposed to be the best (If I remember right, Blacks are the best) for .20s - .25s (which you should run with that spring as it will only put you up to around 400fps).

I usually use AEs when I can, Excels when I can't get my hands on any AEs in time for standard AEGs. For my PSG-1 and my higher hitting rifles, I run at least .29s (Maruzen S.G.M.'s).

What FPS are you wanting to achieve? A PDI 120% comes out to around 400fps right? That's sort of weak for a rifle you are going to be limited to bolt action with. Sure, you may be able to get away with just upgrading the spring for a while with nothing else breaking, but, if I were you, I would go for something a bit heavier. Say for example a Laylax PSS10 PS150 (almost 500fps, around 490). (Will require you to upgrade parts along with the spring though).

Then, upgrade to at least .30 bbs (you maybe able to get away with Maruzen Super Grand Masters, but I would try and run .33s if you can or go with KSC .30s.

Also, heres a list of parts that should go with each FPS upgrade:
Dusk's VSR-10 Upgrade Guide
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Yeah you don't need anything for the bipod to connect it to the rifle, all you need is the bipod its self. The Rock Mounts are a good type of bipod because I have one for my VSR. I would go with the 150 spring at least. I personally like the 170 spring but you would need more upgrades for it. It all depends on how much you want to spend and what range of FPS your field allows.
To me they are both really good brands. I have a mix of Laylax, PDI/Bull, and Smokeys parts in my VSR. For the ammo I buy anything that is around $15 for a bag of .25's or higher.

These are what I get for .25g
No problem. I love helping people it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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What size is your Rock mount, Sniper117?
Well there was only one 1 Rock Mount at my store but I'm not sure the exact ratio of the size. Its a good one though. It springs out, can lock in, fits tightly on the stock. So I say 100% buy one.
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