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Good guide. Most important thing that you mentioned i probably the cylinder volume/barrel length. Can recommend the short fluted barrel outer barrel from PDI, to go with the shorter inner barrel, really solid and good looking.

First factory/Laylax also makes upgrades, and I'm sure there are other brands as well. Mine is full PDI, except from the loading fin which is Creation.

There are essentially two kind of jams with the L96 AWS platform. The first is that the BB doesn't enter the hole in the chamber and instead is jammed between the chamber and the nozzle. The solution to this is to retract the bolt somewhat, tilt the rifle downwards and shake until the bb gets into place. The gently try to push the bolt forward again.

The second type of jam is that the nozzle is stuck on one of the two spring loaded guide rods in the chamber. The solution to this is to make sure you push the bolt completely straight forward, without any form of bending motion. To further ease this issue (perhaps even eliminate it) you can try to round the edges on them so that the the bolt will center itself. Haven't tried removing it, which seems may be a solution as well, but they are there for a purpose, so I'd keep them.

EDIT: Should add that I do not like the PDI piston very much. On the L96 AWS it is unventilated unlike their other pistons, making good airseal somewhat difficult.
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