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Hi guys,
I´m new to this forum, and relatively new to the sport. I´ve always had a knack for trying to be a sniper, so a while back i purchased a WELL MB4406 (Yes, money was tight lol). The info in the description said that out of the package it fired 400 - 430 FPS, no way. Havn´t had the chance to crono it yet, but i know it´s not close to that, hop doesn´t seem too good, and is going to need upgrading. I´ve found a online dealer that says in the description, quote " Designed to be compatible with a full range of upgrades and aftermarket parts for the Tokyo Marui Sniper rifles" (link: ). I was wondering if anyone has had any experiencie with this particular Well Rifle or if the compatibility with the marui parts is actually true... If so, what would be the best upgrades to perform to gain better range and fps??
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