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Id like to upgrade my stock Well Mb05 to around 500fps shooting .36 or .4 bbs
This is my first sniper upgrade and im unsure where to start and id like to know what youve all done previously.

What i think ill need is :

A New Barrel (500mm long x 6mm - 6.03mm from what ive heard)
New Spring (M150 ? enough ?)
New Piston
New Trigger unit to handle the upgraded spring etc (stock is plastic)

where im mostly confused about this is Hop and it seems to be the most important part. heard the word "r-hopping" being used and unsure what it means.

Id like to know where i can find these parts and recommendations for parts in the Uk only as the shipping charges from elsewhere will be too costly and id like to avoid it if possible.

Thanks, hope you're well.
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