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Upp'd UTG L96

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So some things have come up and I'm in need of some cash, so here goes about selling some of my collection.
What I've got is my upgraded UTG L96. I'm the third or fourth owner of this rifle. I myself bought this off Sedole back in April from this forum and I believe this was originally Woogie's rifle. Never had any problems with it, works great. Have done little modifications to it since I've had it, just a spring and piston change. I'm unsure what the FPS is currently since I haven't been to a field or shop with it yet and I don't have a chrono. Before I put the new Matrix spring in it, I was told by Sedole that it was shooting at 550 w/ .20's with the old UTG spring. Hop-up is currently set perfectly for .30's which reaches out to about 270'. Rifle is fairly consistent at 240', I'm sure heavier bbs will help with the accuracy when getting out that far.

Parts and upgrades are as follows:
PDI Plastonite HD Cylinder
PDI Vacuum Piston
Matrix SP190 Spring
PDI Spring Guide
PDI Duralim Short Fluted Outer Barrel
PDI AI Muzzle Break
PDI Hop Chamber
PDI Barrel Spacers
PDI W-hold Bucking
Laylax Zero Trigger
Madbull 6.03 455mm
NcStar Compact Bipod
Element Stubby Killer Suppressor
Leapers 3-9x40 Red/Green Illumination Rubber Armored Scope
2 30rd UTG Mags

DIY Mods:
Flossed bucking
Foam filled stock
Tefloned cylined head
Safety lever removed
Homemade slig from tan nylon strap and paracord

Other Parts Included(not installed):
PolarStar Piston
PDI 220 Spring
UTG Upgrade Kit Spring
UTG Upgrade Kit Spring Guide

Asking price is $380 shipped.
All items include tracking with the shipping.
I take USPS money orders or Paypal +3% or as a gift type payment
Feel free to ask questions.
No trades.

More pictures of internals/externals if interested.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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