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Urban Sniping, How to Carry it All

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I have need of some advise from you all. I am going to be playing as a sniper in a few large events this year. They are all 2 day events with a couple being 24 hour events.

I need to a way of getting to my M14 easily (or at least have my Spotter get to it easily) while not restricting my movement. I'll be carrying an XCR and M9 also as the M14 won't be out unless I'm set up in a good position.

If anyone has suggestions for a pack mount or something similar I would really appreciate it.
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The problem with using two slings is that is a lot of straps going across the body and which ever rifle is slung will not be held close to the body. Also I think that when ever I try and pull the other rifle to the front that it will get caught on the other sling or rifle. I'm trying to keep the straps to a minimum so they won't block any of my other equipment. For my set up I'm carrying the sniper equipment on top of a normal rifleman's load out.

When trying to figure out to do this I looked into a backpack carry. While a good idea, all the backpacks I saw where massive and could carry far more then I would need on any two day OPs. They seem to be more built for long recons rather then quick missions where all your extra gear is at a near by base, which is most airsoft games.

I do like the idea of the weapon catch though. It's an easy way to stabilize the rifle.

Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas. They are all very helpful.
Woogie - I like the backpack idea. The only issue I would have is I might have to get my self a chest rig to get decrease some of bulk. (I have a plate carrier as my normal rig.) That's not that big of an issue though.

I was thinking of having the gun in two parts. However, the sniper rifle I plan on using is a AEG M14 so that might not be as practical.
I have not. Thank you! There is one that his the perfect size for 2 day games. I think I could even get the rifle scabbard and mount it straight to my vest as it has a good amount of molle on the back. Thank you for pointing that out.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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