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urban sniping

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Hey i was wondering if anyone had anything on advenced urban sniping???? I've got the basics down,but thats just the simple stuff like don't be a wannabe sniper and stick the 3 foot long barell of your Barrett out the window.
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You've been here for a small amount of time and should know to capitalize your Is and spelling + grammar is important.
Well for one, that was horrible. I had to read it 3 times before I understood what you asked.

Now for your question, You want to have the high ground, but don't stand on the roof of a building and silhouette your self. Also the farther back you are from the window the more cover you have, but the less view you have. In real world tactics you would have a thin black sheet or curtain to keep you hidden in your hide but also to help hide your muzzle flash, so in airsoft it may not be needed.

There are more things I learned from a cousin who is a sniper in the marines, but you have to have a security clearance for it.
cool i want security clearance now :) Sorry about it being hard to read, thanks for the tips though!!! i,ll try them as soon as i can!
Ozone, you have been warned numerous and numerous times. I gave you many chances to redeem yourself, and thought you would handle yourself better after the vacation I gave you.

Airsoft urban sniping is rather difficult, since you are unable manipulate your environment. (I doubt anyone who owns an urban field wants you knocking spider holes in walls). That being said, look for small holes in rooms opposite open windows/knocked down walls; It is the same idea behind the slanted windows that were cut into castles. (Make sure its not the only open window in the area, don't highlight your self). Also you will want to find areas with multiple exits. And finally refrain yourself from climbing the tallest building in the area.

You can try reading "shooter" to get an unconventional perspective on urban combat.
In 'urban sniping' there are many new challenges to overcome that aren't found in woodland type sniping; camouflage is much more difficult, and you have many, many, many more corners to deal with.

One of the most important skills to have is protection. You will need to be able to hold your own in a CQC environment but still stay light. Do not let your guard down while moving position to position and even once you've established a 'secure' hide in the AO. Check all your corners being prepared to have someone around each and every one of them. Moving in numbers and/or with extra rifles(additional weapon i.e. M4 to your sniper rifle) will optimize your ability to protect your squad but can and almost always will increase the chance of detection.

Claymores and boobytraps are very useful as well as other tripwire-security devices that will alert you to an enemy moving in your building. Distractions and decoys are also nice to have in place.

Various light sheets(usually black, sometimes shade of walls in the building) can be used to close off rooms for defense and to allow the shooter to sit much farther back in the building and shoot through a narrower opening that that he can manipulate without showing his movement. I love seeing people stick their guns and maybe even bodies out windows or being on a roof and silhouetting themselves; that is not how its done. Basically your best camouflage is shadows, least amount of movement possible, least amount of self visible, and getting the furthest away from the corner or window you are shooting through, around, under, or over.

When you set up in a position, make sure you know the area well and have planned out how to best defend the position if under attack and the safest route for a speedy retreat or ex-fill. Have this in mind when you are picking your location in the first place too, and don't make the common mistake of setting up in a location that others would suspect a sniper would hide; don't be obvious because the enemy is a living, breathing human being as well and will do his best to outwit HIS own opponent... which would be you in this case.

I have only played urban combat as an airsoft sniper a couple of times but I must say... It was definitely more challenging than I had anticipated.
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